Friday, April 25, 2008

One Too Many Cookies

One Too Many
That's why they say, 'Ya gotta have a balanced diet.' Check out why in my latest and greatest cartoon!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Comic Book Festival in EL MONTE!

Ok, so I wasn't able to pay the mortgage this month working this comic show, but I gotta tell ya, I HAD THE BEST TIME OF MY COMIC CONVENTIONEERING CAREER!!!! I got to meet the bestest peeps from the SGV (San Gabriel Valley for those of you who ain't down). Again my pal, Michael Aushenker, was my table buddy and I sat facing the ever loveable Javier Hernandez and the manly Ted Seko!!! And I got to finally meet the fabulous and funny Jim Lujan (check out his stuff here!) You're gonna laugh your ass off and pee your pants at his cartoons. (I'm a big fan!)
All right now, let the pictures do the talking!

I found the the guy who's gonna play El Macho on TV. Introducing Juan Nuñez!

Finally, I get to meet Jim "the Man" Lujan En VIVO, loco!

Me and Omaha Perez with his new baby, "HOLMES" in a collected trade paper back. I just got it and can't wait to read it! Go get your own copy, ya cheap skates!

Here we have Alan Rutledge and Rafael Navarro. Alan is the proprietor of 250,000 comics and counting (but I think his goal is to get rid of them, SO STOP COUNTING ALAN). Rafael is the creator of a cool noir comic called Sonambulo. He can also draw the tits off a cat. (That means he's very good!!!)

This was a self portrait I did in Jim Lujan's sketch book. He thought it was for free but what he don't know is I dun snatched his soul. Just look at the way ma' hand is a tremblin', that some voo-doo sh*t, boyeee!

Dis be Bernyce "I give a damn fine interview" Talley!

I was diggin' Jim Lujan and...ALL RIGHT I confess, he's a loan shark who's on my ass over a gamblin' debt I owe and his "cousin" Ted, is his muscle (guy next to him with large moustache).

Deez fine fellas are Mikey the Strangler, Chillin' Will and the mighty JAVZILLA. BTW dey ain't share wid nobodies dat cake. Greedy sums a beetches!

All right, you got me. I was just goofin' before. Jim is no loan shark! But he do be likin' ta grab other peoples mikes! Watch that Javy! BTW, Jim is gonna be the next guest on Javier's Emmy winning, highly acclaimed BBC radio show PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO! Listen to it, this Tuesday, April 8th at 5pm or we'll fetch Ted "The Moustahce" after you!

And finally we ended up having dinner at ALBERTO'S! Which is off the map with its juicy, succulent carne asada. However, this muh fukah, in the picture above, kept tryin' to bite into Mikey's taquito while he was in the we let him!