Friday, May 21, 2010

New Crying Macho Man Cartoon

It's gettin' hot in here..

New Cartoon


Friday, May 7, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

LA Times Festival of Books 2010 Wrap Up!

The Bookfest was loads of fun. I shared a table with fellow funny men Keith Knight and David Malki ! Keith or Keef is a nationally syndicated cartoonist with a daily that is very funny called The Knight Life. David is an online success who makes his living doing the cartooning bit. His strip, Wondermark is a compilation of 18th century clipart and his wry sense of humor to bring you the most absurd and hilarious strip. Definitely give this two guys a look see.

Jose Cabrera, Keith Knight and David Malki !

As far as the festival itself it was packed with hungry readers of all ages! Who says that books are dead! And if they hadn't heard about Crying Macho Man before they sure do now! To all you fellow cartoonist out there, I recommend trying to get into the show next year, it's worth the investment and it's loads of fun.

Photo courtesy Jim Lujan

My great friends Jim and Leann Lujan

The mobs of people

Thanks for all your support! Can't do it without you guys!!!
With much Luv
Jose aka Crying Macho Man
Next Stop GEEK-CON!

Crying Macho Man: A Little Sumthin

New Sexy Cartoon