Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crying Macho Man: Cheap Ring

This weeks cartoon was inspired by an interesting email I got from a woman who owns a Jewelry shop (LuShae Jewelry) based out of Tasmania, Australia. She asked me to blog about her jewelry line and give her a review-- good, bad or even ugly and in return she'd give me any piece of jewelry off her website! I thought it was a phishing scheme but when I emailed her, she was on the up and up and was even open to letting me create a cartoon with a joke about jewelry. Plus she doesn't have access to my bank account ;)

Now in all honesty, I'm not a jewelry kind of guy but I looked at the stuff on her website and it wasn't that bad. I might get the solid gold brass knuckles LOL. Anyway I think Sarah is a very creative sales woman and I like her marketing strategy. Kudos!!

Now that I've held up my part of the bargain, we'll see if she actually comes through with a little treasure my way. I'll keep you posted if she does or doesn't.

Here's this weeks cartoon:

Friday, February 19, 2010

CRYiNG MACHO MAN: Erectile Projectile

Good Morning Everyone.
Over the past year I have been creating strips from jokes I've heard either at the water cooler or at parties. By the end of the day I'll have a pocket full of jokes which I transcribe to my computer or risk losing them in the laundry.

People have asked me when am I going to start writing my own stuff again and I say "I'm having fun doing these strips for now, when I stop having fun then I'll stop."

One guy left this comment on one of the websites (Buzzle) that runs my strip (which I thought was very funny): "When's this guy gonna start writing his own jokes instead of recycling the ones that are old enough to get Medicare?"

I've talk about this 'recycled joke' kick I'm on with some good friends and they all agree that I should go with my muse. A good friend of mine and fellow funny man Jim Lujan equated it to doing 'covers of the oldies' but giving it your unique touch. Another dear and close friend Michael Aushenker also agrees that it should be fun and laugh out loud!

Well with all that said and done, I'm inviting anyone to send in a or two joke they'd like to see turned into a strip. You'll get full credit and it'll be seen by thousands.

This weeks joke comes from my buddy Jim Lujan.

Jose aka Crying Macho Man


Friday, February 12, 2010

Crying Macho Man: Valentines Therapy

Valentines Therapy

This cartoon was created at a live art show that celebrated Sal's birthday owner of Geeks in Whittier. The Cartoonistas where in attendance all taking turns drawing up a storm. I had never done a live art piece with on lookers let a alone a gag cartoon. It was loads of fun. Here are some picts of me in action.

Here I am 'Powering Cartooning' as coined by Javier Hernandez. :)

The concept for 'The Therapist' was created by me and my good friend Scott Tobin a few years back.

Jam art.

The Cartoonistas!!!
From left to right (Raul Aguirre, John Narcomey, Grasiela Rodriguez, Geo Brawn IV, Rene (guest), Javier Hernandez, Luis Escobar, Me. Front: Michael Aushenker, JimLujan).

Friday, February 5, 2010

Crying Macho Man: Bee Rated

A funny but true story while living in Mexico!