Friday, May 2, 2008

In the Spirit of Independent Cartooning

Hello Everyone,
A few things I want to share this week.

The web offers me the freedom and independence of sharing my cartoons without the censorship of a corporate syndicate looking over my shoulder. I like to call it web-syndication which basically means I plug my cartoons to other websites and email my mailing list (like this one). And my marketing and solicitation are very grass roots and organic. By that I mean I collect emails at conventions or get people to subscribe through my website. I do not and will never buy or sell email lists (I find that to be creepy).

This week unfortunately my hard drive crashed and I lost most of my email contacts (1000+) . You're on this list because I had backed up your email on paper (thank god). So what I'm asking is if you know of anyone who might like to subscribe to my cartoons please send them my way. I've got to rebuild and forge ahead from this minor set back. So thank you.

Being an avid web surfer myself, I understand the you have a lot to see on the web and the emails can be overwhelming, so I appreciate your tolerance and patronage. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Jose aka Crying Macho Man

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