Monday, March 31, 2008

super*MARKET LA 2008 at MeltDown Comics

Well the show came and went but we had some great fun as always. Here are a few picts that tell the story of our day at supermarket!

Here I am drawing my macho creation. No, not that one you PERV!! My mascot El Macho.

Here's the crew in effect sporting the stashies like true Macho Men, (except for Mikey who decided to go all Van Dyke on us). From Left to right: Michael Aushenker, Ted (dry wine) Seko, Javier "The Magnificent" Hernandez and lil' ole me!

Javier, Jerrell Conner The Red R and again me. (are you seeing a pattern here, where I show up in most of the pictures, hmmm!)

Mikey and I were talking about finding funny humor cartoonist and we found a gold mine in
Pete Von Sholly!!!! Oh man I laughed my ass off to his cartoon strips. Pure parody satire ripping people new assholes type of humor! And can the guy draw. Off the hook good!!

I first met Louie at Comic-Con last year! He's an animator artist who works for Dreamworks whose stuff is off the fashizm. The man in the blue shirt is trying to warn him about the impending attack from behind. WATCH OUT LOUIE for that pink robot!!

Here I am with me wife Naomi and my good friend Elaine. I'm a narcoleptic-zzzzzz!

At the end of the show this guy kept trying to stick us up. I wasn't buying it, but I think he got Jav shaking in his boots. At least have the decency to shave your stomach if your gonna stick us up. THEY'RE LADIES PRESENT!!!!

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Javier Hernandez said...

OMG!!! The Van Dyke on Mikey is AWESOME!! And you and Ted don't look too shabby, sporting Macho-staches! (I of course, have always been mucho macho....)

I hope Ronnie heeded that man's warning! Pete Von Shelly was a true class act, and a behemoth of a talent.

Fun times were had by all!

(except for what's-his-name... !)