Monday, March 24, 2008

Wizard World L.A.

Man! I'm a day late and a dollar short for posting this Wizzy show that happened a week and half ago. Not much on the side of people coming to the show and supporting us small indie creators. I guess most go to this convention to see superheroes or Lou "The Hulk" Ferrigno.
There was some luv and I appreciate it (you know who you are).
But all in all I had a blast with my table mate Javier Hernandez "El Muerto." He made it bearable along with a host of funny men that include, Michael Aushenker "Cartoon Flophouse," Keith Knight "The K Chronicles," Ruben Martinez and getting to meet some of the classic Filipino comic book artist from the 70's like Tony DeZuniga, Ernie Chang, and Alex Nino. Off the hook good!
And of course whats a show without some Super Mario Fun!!

Michael Aushenker, Me, and Javier Hernandez

Me, Ruben Martinez and Javier Hernandez

Keith Knight and Me

Alex Nino, Ernie Chang, Tony DeZuniga (sitting), respective spouses, Mikey and Me.

Super Mario Hijinx!

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